Naturism At Les Chênes Gîtes.

What is Naturism, apart from the obvious of not wearing clothes when appropriate?

To quote from the International Naturist Federation:

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.

International Naturist Federation

Naturism promotes body acceptance and awareness, age acceptance, freedom, self-esteem and self-confidence. Naturally, nudity keeps the body from the restrictions of clothing and exposes the body to the air and sun, which has numerous health benefits. The more aware we are of our bodies, the more likely we are to keep a healthy and active lifestyle and we will also be less judgmental of others who don’t have the stereotypical and hyped “perfect” body.

Historically, nudity was required for many religious practices, biblical baptism, Hindu gymnosophists (naked philosophers) as well as sports- famously the Olympic games.

Modern naturism started in Germany in the early 20th Century as a movement towards a healthy, Utopian lifestyle, with compulsory exercise and vegetarianism as part of its philosophy.

We’re glad to say this has changed over the years to a more liberal approach and many people have discovered that being nude is fun, healthy, and good for the soul.

Relax by the pool au naturel
A butterfly on a marigold
Bench in the shade of the walnut tree


We bought Les Chênes in 2001 with the specific idea of offering holidays in naturist-friendly accommodation in this part of France. We have made the whole property totally private, ensuring complete seclusion for our guests.

We understand that if you are new to naturism you may be hesitant about stripping off in front of others for the first time. This makes Les Chênes the ideal place, as each of our three gîtes has its own garden where you can relax, sunbathe or chill out in the shaded areas and try some "au naturel" living. However, if you feel uncomfortable undressed in the rest of the grounds, or maybe your partner feels more comfortable clothed all of the time, you will find there is no pressure. How you dress (or not!) is your decision at all times.


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Acres of open space to enjoy Au Naturel.

The shared grounds available for all guests to use extend over 2½ acres (one hectare), and include a wild-flower meadow where you can stroll “au naturel“ and a petanque court and volleyball/badminton court. There is also a solar-heated swimming pool (Lilac Cottage has its own swimming pool) with sun loungers where you can relax in the sun after a refreshing swim and top up that all over tan! 

Enjoying the open space au naturel

So, whether you are booking your first naturist holiday or have already discovered the joys of holidaying "au naturel", Les Chênes is the perfect retreat. So come and explore the beautiful scenery of the Dordogne in South West France, soak up the sun, but above all relax and unwind in total peace and tranquillity.

A scarce swallowtail butterfly